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Health, Safety & Environment

Course Code Course Title Start Date End Date City Lang Price Live Online Price
HSE-102 Accident Investigation And Root Cause Analysis (RCA) 05-Jan-2020 09-Jan-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-152 Hazardous Material Handling And Safety 19-Jan-2020 23-Jan-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
HSE-184 Oil Spill Management And Response 26-Jan-2020 30-Jan-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-108 Advanced Risk Management 09-Feb-2020 13-Feb-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-235 Noise Generation, Effects, Control And Measurement 16-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
HSE-214 Safety Management And Loss Control 01-Mar-2020 05-Mar-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-138 Fire Fighter And Fire Rescue 15-Mar-2020 19-Mar-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
HSE-163 HSE Tools And Techniques 21-Jun-2020 25-Jun-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-219 Safety Process In Refinery 12-Jul-2020 16-Jul-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-129 Electrical Safety 20-Sep-2020 24-Sep-2020 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
HSE-218 Safety Officer Qualification Program 11-Oct-2020 22-Oct-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-147 Hazard Analysis And Risk Management 22-Nov-2020 26-Nov-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
HSE-142 General Safety 10-Jan-2021 14-Jan-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
HSE-172 Loss Prevention And Safe Working Procedures 07-Feb-2021 11-Feb-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-151 Hazardous Area Classification And Intrinsic Safety 14-Feb-2021 18-Feb-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
HSE-227 Working Safely In Hazardous Area 14-Mar-2021 18-Mar-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
HSE-125 Crane And Forklift Safety 21-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-114 Basics Of Hazards Recognition 06-Jun-2021 10-Jun-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
HSE-183 Off-The-Job-Safety 13-Jun-2021 17-Jun-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
HSE-238 Gas Explosion Hazards 20-Jun-2021 24-Jun-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-194 Principles Of Occupational Safety And Health 04-Jul-2021 08-Jul-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
HSE-174 Material Handling And Safety 19-Sep-2021 23-Sep-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
HSE-165 Incident Controller 07-Nov-2021 11-Nov-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875

Note: all courses inside UAE are inclusive of 5% VAT.

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