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Competency Gap Analysis

Developing a competency gap analysis involves determining the required skill levels and the current levels of the skills in the desired areas. The difference between the current levels and the desired levels is the gap. An analyst determines the necessary requirements for moving from the current skill levels to the desired levels. Basically, a competency gap analysis asks and finds answers to the following questions: What are the skills you wish to have? What are the skills you already have? What are the differences between the two levels? What do you have to do to reduce the differences and close the gap?

A competency could be any knowledge, skill, or ability demonstrated through behavior that results in job performance. Competencies are not job descriptions. A job description looks at what and analyzes elements of the job. A competency model focuses on how. MSTC team could use competency gap analysis tool to develop positions' profiles in your company & help the candidate plan for a position.
Our team of HR experts can help you to achieve your objectives through your company's workforce.

Case Study:

The following template could be used as a guideline to develop a competency profile for a particular position:

Name of Candidate:            
Name of Organization:            
Proposed Position:            
Types of Competency Definition Already demonstrates(Give explanation) Needs to develop Current Gap Future Gap Comments
Leadership Creating vision, establish direction, develop strategy, and lead implementation          
Managerial The ability to manage functions, plan and delegate work, and execute against a plan          
Decision Making/ Problem Solving Breaks down problems into components & recognizes how to solve problem according to a certain plan          
Coaching Providing timely guidance & feedback to help others strengthen knowledge/skills needed to accomplish a task or solve a problem        
Interpersonal The ability to communicate and listen effectively          
Conflict Management Using appropriate interpersonal styles & techniques to reduce tension & conflict between two or more people          
Personal/Individual Self-awareness, integrity, commitment          

This information could be used to design a Candidate Training and Development Plan.

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