Mechanical Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
ME-101 Advanced Gas Turbine Mechanical Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-102 Advanced Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (HVAC)
ME-103 Advanced Mechanical Seals Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-104 Advanced Pumps, Compressors And Turbine Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-105 Advanced Pumps Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-106 Advanced Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
ME-107 Advanced Steam Turbines: Design, Operation And Maintenance
ME-108 Advanced Technology Of Pipeline Design, Construction And Mechanical Integrity
ME-109 Advanced Valve Technology: Design, Selection, Installation, Applications, Sizing, Inspection And Maintenance
ME-110 Air Conditioning And Refrigerating Technology
ME-111 Troubleshooting Of Rotating Machinery
ME-116 Applied Heat Transfer Engineering
ME-117 Operation And Theory Of Steam And Gas Turbines, Co-Generation And Combined Cycle Plants
ME-118 Bearing And Bearing Failure Analysis
ME-119 Bearing Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Failure Analysis
ME-120 Bearing, Lubrication And Gear Boxes
ME-121 Belt Conveyers: Operation And Maintenance
ME-122 Blowers And Compressors: Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-123 Blowers, Compressors And Pumps Technology
ME-124 Boiler Operation And Maintenance
ME-125 Boiler Operation, Maintenance, Inspection, Safety And Water Treatment Technology
ME-126 Caterpillar Engine
ME-127 Centrifugal Compressor And Steam Turbine Design, Operation And Maintenance
ME-128 Centrifugal Compressor Maintenance, Major Inspection And Overhauling
ME-129 Centrifugal Compressor: Operation And Maintenance
ME-130 Centrifugal Compressor Theory And Troubleshooting (Dresser Rand)
ME-131 Centrifugal Compressor Operation
ME-132 Centrifugal Gas Compressor Seal Maintenance (Wet And Dry)
ME-133 Centrifugal Pumps: Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-134 Centrifugal Pumps: Principles And Operations
ME-135 Centrifugal Pumps Troubleshooting
ME-137 Combustion Techniques
ME-138 Commissioning And Start-up Of Boilers
ME-139 Compressors And Steam Turbine Technology, Design, Operation And Maintenance
ME-140 Compressors Major Inspection And Overhauling
ME-141 Compressors, Pumps, Motors, And Variable-Speed Drives: Selection, Sizing, Applications, Operation, Diagnostic Testing, Troubleshooting, And Maintenance
ME-142 Compressors System Design, Selection, Installation, Operation And Troubleshooting
ME-144 Compressors Troubleshooting And Fault Diagnosis
ME-149 Design, Analysis And Fabrication Of Pressure Vessels
ME-150 Design And Fabrication Of Storage Tanks In Accordance With API 650
ME-151 Design Ventilation Systems
ME-152 Diesel Engine: Designs, Installation, Operations, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-153 Diesel Engine Maintenance
ME-154 Dry Gas Seal Maintenance
ME-157 Failure Diagnosis Of Rotating Machinery
ME-158 Fans And Application In Power Plant
ME-159 Fasteners
ME-161 Fluid Mechanics
ME-162 Fuel And Combustion
ME-163 Fuel Systems Of GE Gas Turbine Units
ME-164 Fundamentals Of Machinery Lubrication
ME-165 Fundamentals Of Mechanical Maintenance System
ME-166 Fundamentals Of Piping System For Engineers
ME-167 Fundamentals Of Storage Tanks
ME-167 Fundamentals Of Storage Tanks
ME-168 Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics
ME-169 Fundamentals Of Vibration Causes, Effects, Analysis And Prevention Techniques
ME-170 Fundamentals/Overview Of Pumps And Compressors In Oil And Gas Facilities
ME-171 Gas And Air Compressors - Centrifugal And Axial Compressors
ME-172 Gas And Air Compressors - Positive Displacement
ME-173 Gas Turbine Frame 5 And 6 Operation, Maintenance And Inspection
ME-174 Gas Turbine Generator: Operation And Maintenance
ME-175 Gas Turbine Liquid Fuel System
ME-176 Gas Turbines: Design, Selection, Operation, Inspection, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-177 Gas Turbine Technology And Protection
ME-178 Gaskets, Packing And Mechanical Seals
ME-179 Gear Boxes And Dynamic Balance
ME-180 Gear Boxes, Bearings, Lubrication And Mechanical Seals
ME-181 Gear Boxes: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Repair
ME-182 GE Turbine Operations And Inspection
ME-183 Hand Tools And Power Tools
ME-184 Heat Exchangers: Design, Specification, Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-185 Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG)
ME-186 Heat Treatment
ME-187 Heating, Ventilation And Cooling Systems For Engineers
ME-189 Hydraulic And Pneumatic Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-190 Industrial Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Motors And Variable-Speed Drives: Selection, Sizing And Application
ME-191 Instrument Air System And Pneumatic Systems
ME-192 Internal Combustion Engine (Diesel Engines And Gas Engines) Theory And Troubleshooting
ME-193 Interpretation Of Engineering Drawings
ME-194 Lube Oil System Design And Troubleshooting
ME-195 Lubrication, Wear And Friction
ME-196 Machine Elements: Bearings And Lubrication
ME-197 Machine Elements: Coupling And Hydraulic Converters
ME-198 Machinery Alignment And Balancing
ME-199 Machinery Bearing, Lubrication And Reliability
ME-200 Machinery Failure Analysis And Prevention
ME-201 Machinery Failure, Vibration Analysis And Predictive Maintenance
ME-202 Machinery Vibration Analysis For Beginners And Intermediates
ME-203 Machinery Vibration And Predictive Analysis And Maintenance
ME-204 Maintenance And Operation Of Rotating Equipment
ME-205 Material Selection And Heat Treatment
ME-206 Metallurgy And Material Selection For Mechanical Engineers
ME-207 Measuring Tools And Precision Measuring Tools
ME-208 Mechanical Alignment / Shaft Alignment
ME-209 Mechanical Drawings, Symbols And Documentation For Engineers
ME-210 Mechanical Engineering For Non Mechanical Engineers
ME-211 Mechanical Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Seals, Motors And Variable Speed Drives
ME-212 Mechanical Measurements
ME-213 Mechanical Seals And Gland Packing
ME-214 Mechanical Seals: Design, Application, Selection, Installation, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-215 Mechanical Seals And Dry Seals
ME-216 Mechanical Seals Maintenance
ME-217 Mechanical Vibration Causes, Effect, Analysis And Prevention Techniques
ME-218 Modern Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Design, Installation, Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting Technology
ME-219 Modern Valve Technology
ME-220 Molecular Sieves And Adsorption
ME-221 Operation, Maintenance And Failure Prevention Of Plant Piping Systems
ME-222 Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of Pumps, Compressors And Valves
ME-223 Overview Of Pumps And Compressors In Oil And Gas Facilities
ME-224 Pipeline Operations And Troubleshooting
ME-225 Piping Flanges, Gaskets And Valves
ME-226 Piping Systems Design, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-227 Piping Vibration Analysis
ME-228 Plant Equipment Maintenance
ME-229 Power Transmission Systems Or Drives (Coupling, Belt Drive, Gears, Hydraulic Couplings)
ME-230 Practical Boiler Plant Operation And Management For Engineers And Technicians
ME-231 Practical Boiler Plant: Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-232 Practical Hydraulic Systems: Operation And Troubleshooting
ME-233 Practical Multi-Stage Pump OH
ME-234 Practical Pneumatic Systems: Design, Operation, Control, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-235 Practical Pump And Valve Technology
ME-236 Practical Pump Technology: Selection, Operation And Maintenance
ME-237 Practical Valve Technology: Selection, Installation, Upgrading, Inspection And Troubleshooting
ME-238 Pressure Relief Device Inspection (API-576)
ME-239 Pressure Vessels Design
ME-240 Prime Movers Operation Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-241 Principles Of Rotating Equipment
ME-242 Process Equipment: Fired Heaters, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Pumps, Compressors , Process Vessels, Fractionators Columns, Reactors And Loading Facilities: Selection, Sizing, Applications, Design, Operation, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-243 Process Piping And Piping Fundamentals, Pipes And Fittings
ME-244 Process Piping Design (ASME B31.3)
ME-245 Pumps And Compressors Design, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-246 Pumps And Compressors Maintenance
ME-247 Pumps And Compressors: Preventive Diagnostics
ME-248 Pumps And Pumping System Design, Installation, Operation And Troubleshooting
ME-249 Pumps And Turbine Technology
ME-250 Pumps (Centrifugal And Positive Displacement Pumps): Selection, Operation And Maintenance
ME-251 Pumps, Compressors And Steam Turbines: Operations And Troubleshooting
ME-252 Pumps Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Overhauling
ME-253 Pumps Selection, Installation, Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-254 Pumps, Valves And Diesel Engine Maintenance
ME-256 Reciprocating Compressors: Operations, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-257 Reciprocating Compressors Overhauling
ME-258 Reciprocating Compressors Theory And Troubleshooting
ME-259 Reverse Engineering
ME-260 Risk Based Inspection (RBI) API-580/ 581
ME-261 Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
ME-262 Rotating Equipment Fundamentals
ME-263 Rotating Equipment: Introduction To Gas Turbines, Pumps And Compressors Operations And Maintenance
ME-264 Rotating Equipment Reliability Optimization And Continuous Improvement
ME-265 Rotating Equipment, Selection, Operation, Maintenance And Inspection
ME-266 Rotating Equipment Vibration And Monitoring
ME-267 Rotating Machinery, Turbine And Compressor Control
ME-268 Safety Relief Valve Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Troubleshooting And Repair
ME-269 Scheduled Oil Sampling
ME-270 Screw Compressor Theory, Operation, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-271 Separators Selection, Operation And Maintenance
ME-272 Solar Gas Turbine Operation And Maintenance
ME-273 Static Equipment; Introduction To Valves, Pressure Vessels, Piping And Heat Exchangers
ME-274 Steam Boilers Operation, Maintenance And Control Systems
ME-275 Steam Trapping And Control
ME-276 Steam Turbine Design, Operation And Maintenance
ME-277 Steam Turbine Maintenance
ME-278 Storage Tanks: Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Troubleshooting And Repair
ME-279 Tanks And Pressure Vessels - Basic Course
ME-280 Tank And Tank Farms: Design, Operation, Measurement, Inspection And Maintenance
ME-281 Troubleshooting Of Engines, Pumps And Compressors
ME-282 Turbine Major Inspection And Overhaul
ME-283 Turbochargers: Working Principle, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
ME-284 Turbo Expander And Liquid Expander: Operation, Performance, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-285 Turbo Machinery Monitoring And Problem Analysis
ME-286 Utilities And Energy Systems Design And Performance In Refineries And Petrochemical Plants
ME-287 Utilities Equipment; Steam Generators, Water Treatment And Storage Tanks
ME-288 Valves Fundamentals
ME-289 Valves Maintenance
ME-290 Valves Technology Types, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Operation And Applications
ME-291 Valves, Valve Actuators And Valve Maintenance
ME-292 Valves Types, Operation And Applications
ME-293 Vibration Analysis And Condition Monitoring
ME-294 Vibration Analysis For Conditioning Monitoring Of Rotating Machinery
ME-295 Vibration Analysis In Process Plants
ME-296 Vibration Measurement
ME-297 Machinery Failure Analysis And Troubleshooting
ME-298 Centrifugal, Reciprocating And Screw Compressor
ME-299 Pressure Relief Systems And Relief Valves
ME-300 Turbo Expander: Operation, Performance, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-301 Preventive Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of Pumps And Compressors
ME-302 Fans And Blowers : Performance, Measurements And Maintenance
ME-303 Pumps And Compressors: Predictive Maintenance In Diagnostics
ME-304 Pumps Operation And Troubleshooting
ME-305 Pumps, Compressors And Fans (Rotating Machines)
ME-306 Gas Turbine Engineering
ME-307 Pumps, Compressors And Turbines Troubleshooting
ME-308 Water System Networking And Pumping Stations
ME-309 Dry Gas Seal Operation, Maintenance, Installation And Commissioning
ME-310 Predicative Maintenance Of Pumps Using Condition Monitoring
ME-311 Rotating Machinery: Practical Solutions To Unbalance And Misalignment
ME-312 Centrifugal And Rotary Pumps: Fundamentals With Applications
ME-313 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management
ME-314 Fault Diagnosis And Failure Prevention
ME-315 Laser And Dial Indicator Alignment Practical Training
ME-316 Boiler Water Treatment
ME-317 Condition Monitoring Of Critical Equipment And Corrective Actions
ME-318 Conveyor Operations And Preventive Maintenance
ME-319 Turbo Machinery Troubleshooting
ME-320 Basics Of Boilers Operation And Control
ME-321 Gas Pipeline Hydraulic
ME-322 Pumps And Valves: Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
ME-323 Heat Exchangers Design, Selection, ASME Section VIII Requirements And TEMA Code
ME-324 Grinding Wheels
ME-325 Centrifugal Pumps Maintenance And Overhauling
ME-326 Troubleshooting Rotating And Stationary Equipment
ME-327 Piping System Mechanical Design, Specification, Fabrication, Inspection, Flaw Analysis And Repair
ME-328 Compressor Systems Mechanical Design And Specifications
ME-329 Detailed Engineering Of Process Piping System

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
EI-101 11KV/415V Operation Of Electrical Equipment
EI-102 13.8 kV And 34.5kV Cable Splicing And Termination Techniques
EI-103 13.8 kV Network Operation (Load Center)
EI-104 230/115/69KV Transmission Tower And Conductor Types
EI-105 AC Electrical Motor Control System
EI-106 Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting, Repairs And Isolations Techniques
EI-107 Advanced Generator Maintenance
EI-108 Advanced Lighting Design And Application
EI-109 Advanced PLC
EI-110 Advanced Power Distribution Engineering For Utilities
EI-111 Advanced Power Transmission Technologies
EI-112 Advanced Process Control
EI-113 Advanced Process Control; Loops, Analysis And Troubleshooting
EI-114 Alarm Trips And Turbine Protection
EI-115 Anti-Surge Controller (CCC)
EI-116 Application Of Electrical Science To Power Generation, Transmission And Utilization
EI-117 Applied Instrumentation Technology
EI-118 Applying Standard Instrumentation And Control Documentations
EI-119 Automatic Tap Changer In Power Transformer
EI-120 Basic Electrical And Instrumentation Design
EI-121 Basic Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineers
EI-122 Basic Electrical Measuring Instruments And Test Equipment
EI-123 Basic Instrumentation And Control
EI-124 Boiler Control And Instrumentation
EI-125 Cable Installation
EI-126 Cable Testing And Fault Location
EI-127 Capacitor Banks
EI-128 Commissioning And Troubleshooting Control Systems
EI-129 Commissioning, Testing And Start-up Of Electrical Systems
EI-130 Communication (Scada & Protection)
EI-131 Condition Monitoring Of Power System Equipment
EI-132 Configuring And Testing Smart Field Devices
EI-133 Control Valves, Actuators And Positioners
EI-134 Control Valves, Actuators And Pumps: Selection, Calculation, Sizing, Applications, Operations And Diagnosis
EI-135 Control Valves And Actuators: Selection, Calculations, Sizing, Applications, Operation, Diagnostic Testing, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
EI-136 Control Valves Engineering
EI-137 Control Valve Sizing, Selection And Maintenance
EI-138 Control Valve Technology
EI-139 Crude Metering System
EI-140 Data Communication And Fieldbus Systems
EI-141 Designing Telecommunications Distribution System
EI-142 Diesel Power Generating Operation, Maintenance, Testing And Troubleshooting
EI-143 Digital And Static Protection Relays
EI-144 Digital Fundamentals
EI-145 Distributed Control System (DCS) Fundamentals, Applications And Troubleshooting
EI-146 Distribution Automatic Voltage Regulators
EI-147 Distribution Materials Testing (Transformers, Cables, Switchgear, KWH Meters, …) For Engineers
EI-148 Distribution Network Maintenance
EI-149 Distribution Overhead Transmission Line Equipment
EI-150 Distribution Reliability And Power Quality
EI-151 Earthing, Bonding, Lightning And Surge Protection Of Electrical Systems And Equipment
EI-152 Earthing Of Utility And Industrial Distribution System
EI-153 Economy Dispatch Of Power Plants
EI-154 Electric Distribution System Equipment Preventive Maintenance (EPM) And Engineering Principles
EI-155 Electric Distribution System Equipment: Transformers, Switchgears, Circuit Breakers, Relays, Capacitors, Surge Arresters, Cables And Meters: Operation, Inspection, Testing, Evaluation, Maintenance And Safety
EI-156 Electric Power Distribution System For Industrial Plants
EI-157 Electrical Demand Side Management (EDSM)
EI-158 Electrical Distribution Equipment Operation And Maintenance
EI-159 Electrical Distribution System Equipment Preventive Maintenance
EI-160 Electrical Drawing And Interlocking Circuit
EI-161 Electrical Engineering Practices For Facilities Engineers
EI-162 Electrical Equipment And Control System
EI-163 Electrical Equipment: Transformers, Inverters, Rectifiers, Uninterruptable Power Systems, Generators
EI-164 Electrical Installation And Maintenance
EI-165 Electrical Installation And Maintenance In Hazardous Locations
EI-166 Electrical Maintenance, Testing, Inspection And Risk Assessment
EI-167 Electrical Meter Theory, Applications And Maintenance
EI-168 Electrical Motors And Transformer Operation And Maintenance
EI-169 Electrical Power Distribution
EI-170 Electrical Preventive Maintenance
EI-171 Electrical Protective Relays, Switches And Circuit Breakers
EI-172 Electrical Substations Maintenance
EI-173 Electrical Substation Safety For Engineers And Technicians
EI-174 Emergency Shutdown And Blow Down For Oil And Gas Processes
EI-175 Fault Analysis In Electrical Networks And Distribution Cables
EI-176 Field Instruments
EI-177 Fire & Gas System; Detectors And Guard Safety Controller
EI-178 Flow Measurement Techniques
EI-179 FS For Safety Instrumented System Professionals
EI-180 Fuel Oil Treatment Plant Operation And Maintenance
EI-181 Fundamentals Of Instrumentation Measurement And Control Devices: Quality, Analysis And Problem Solving For Engineers
EI-182 Fundamentals Of Electrical Systems
EI-183 Fundamentals Of Frequency Control, AGC And Economic Dispatch
EI-184 Gas Measurement
EI-185 Gas Measurement and Flow Metering Station
EI-186 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems
EI-187 Gas Turbine Control System And Protection
EI-188 Gas Turbine Control System (Mark 6)
EI-189 Generator Excitation Systems: Design, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Performance Analysis, Testing, Tuning, Repair And Troubleshooting
EI-190 Generator Maintenance
EI-191 Generators: Operations, Maintenance, Control, Testing And Troubleshooting
EI-192 Generator Protection
EI-193 Grid Station Meter Reading
EI-194 High And Medium Voltage Substation Design, Testing And Maintenance
EI-195 Human Machine Interface (HMI)
EI-196 HV Equipment Testing
EI-197 HV Motors And Transformers: Design, Operations And Troubleshooting
EI-198 HV Switchgears
EI-199 Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control Systems (Process Control And Instrumentation)
EI-200 Industrial Motors And Control
EI-201 Industrial Process And Instrumentation Control
EI-202 Industrial Process Measurement
EI-203 Installation, Calibration And Maintenance Of Electronic Instruments
EI-204 Instrumentation Controls Systems For Facilities Engineers
EI-205 Instrumentation For Non Instrument Personnel
EI-206 Instrumentation Installation in Hazardous Areas
EI-207 Instrumentation Selection And Design
EI-208 Instrumentation Systems Maintenance and Troubleshooting
EI-209 Introduction To Boiler Control Systems: Meeting NFPA Standards
EI-210 Digital Control Systems, PLC, DCS And SCADA
EI-211 Introduction To Reading Of Electrical Drawings And Diagrams
EI-212 Liquid And Gas Flow Metering
EI-213 Logic Control And Safeguarding Theoretical And Practical
EI-214 LNG Tanks Level Management System (TMS)
EI-215 LV And HV Switchgears
EI-216 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgears): Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Repair, Troubleshooting And Power Distribution
EI-217 LV Switchgears
EI-218 Lightning Protection And Insulation Coordination For Power Systems
EI-219 Major Generator Inspection And Testing
EI-220 Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of LV/MV Switchgears
EI-221 Electrical Motors: Operation, Maintenance, Protection And Troubleshooting
EI-222 Maintenance Of Transformation
EI-223 Mechanical Application For Transmission Line Networks
EI-224 Maintaining Voltage Stability And Avoiding Voltage Collapse In Power Systems
EI-225 Microprocessor Applications
EI-226 Modern Distributed Control Systems (DCS) And Process Instrumentation
EI-227 Modern Electric Power Systems: Design, Modeling, Analysis And Problem Solving
EI-228 Modern Power Systems Protective Relaying
EI-229 Motors And Variables-Speed Drive: Selection, Sizing, Applications And Operations
EI-230 Motor Control Circuits Maintenance And Troubleshooting
EI-231 Multiphase Flow Metering
EI-232 MV Circuit Breakers: Design, Applications And Maintenance
EI-233 National Electrical Codes (NEC)
EI-234 New Approaches In DCS And SCADA Systems
EI-235 On Load Tap Changer
EI-236 Operation And Maintenance Of Large Turbo Generators
EI-237 Operation, Maintenance, Interconnected System, Transmission
EI-238 Overhead Lines, Maintenance And Construction
EI-239 Overhead Lines Malfunctions And How To Fix Them
EI-240 Overhead Line Patrolling
EI-241 Overhead Transmission Line Grounding
EI-242 Overhead Transmission Line Vibration And Ways To Mitigate Their Effect
EI-243 Performance Of Generators And Exciters
EI-244 Pneumatic Electronic Control Systems
EI-245 Power And Power Stations: Design, Installation And Maintenance
EI-246 Power Capacitors: Applications, Switching Problems, Protection And Maintenance
EI-247 Power Dispatching Orientation
EI-249 Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Steam Power Plant, Co-Generation And Combined Cycle Plants
EI-250 Power Generation Operation And Control
EI-251 Power Optimization Of Energy Management System In Modern Power Generation Industry
EI-252 Power Plant Control And Instrumentation
EI-253 Power Plant Start-up, Commissioning And Troubleshooting
EI-254 Power Plant Troubleshooting And Engineering Problem Solving
EI-255 Power System Grounding
EI-256 Power System Planning And Control
EI-257 Power System Protection And Optimum Selection Of Relays
EI-258 Power System Protection: Control And Stability
EI-259 Power System Protection In Utilities And Industrial Electrical Networks
EI-260 Power System Reliability
EI-261 Power System Stability And Dynamics
EI-262 Practical Design Criteria Of Distribution Substations And Underground Cable Feeders
EI-263 Practical Fieldbus For Process Control: Engineering, Configuration, Installation, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Operation And Maintenance
EI-264 Practical Grounding Of Utility, Bonding, Lightning, Surge Protection And Industrial Distribution Systems
EI-265 Practical High Voltage Cable Jointing And Termination
EI-266 Practical Motor Protection, Testing, Control And Maintenance Technology
EI-267 Practical Power Systems Protection For Technicians
EI-268 Practical Safety Instrumentation And Emergency Shutdown Systems For Process Industries
EI-269 Practical Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) For Instrumentation and Control Systems
EI-270 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Commissioning
EI-271 Predictive Maintenance For Electrical Components In Vehicles
EI-272 Process Control And Instrumentation
EI-273 Process Control Loop
EI-274 Process Controller Tuning
EI-275 Process Instrumentation
EI-276 Process Yield Optimization And Energy Conservation
EI-277 Reactive Power Compensation
EI-278 Power Factor Correction
EI-280 Protective Relays Applications And Principles
EI-281 Safety Instruments Systems; New Emergency Shutdown Approach
EI-282 Safety Operation And Maintenance Of Substation
EI-283 SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
EI-284 Selection, Installation And Testing Of Electrical Equipment In Hazardous Area
EI-285 Short Circuit And Fault Analysis Calculations In Distribution Power Systems
EI-286 Siemens PLC
EI-287 Smart Transmitters
EI-288 Specification, Installation, Operation And Maintenance Of Motors And Electric Drives
EI-289 Station Interlock Schemes
EI-290 Supervise The Execution Of Overhead Lines Networks
EI-291 Testing And Troubleshooting Of Electrical Machines
EI-292 The Hazards Of Electricity With Potential Over 600 V
EI-293 Transformers: Selection, Applications, Operation, Troubleshooting And Maintenance
EI-294 Transient Voltages Of Power Systems
EI-295 Troubleshooting, Maintenance And Protection Of AC Electrical Motors And Drives
EI-296 Troubleshooting Of Electrical Equipment And Control Systems
EI-297 Turbine And Compressor Controls
EI-298 Type And Care Of Overhead Lines Tools
EI-299 UPS System And Battery Chargers: Construction, Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
EI-300 Ultrasonic Flow Metering For Gas And Liquid Application
EI-301 Variable Speed Drives (VSD)
EI-302 VFD Maintenance And Troubleshooting
EI-303 Water Flow Measurement And Control Techniques
EI-304 Synchronous Motor, Protection And AVR System
EI-305 Advanced Process Measurements
EI-306 Maintenance Work Safety Problems
EI-307 Combined Cycle Power Generation
EI-308 Basics Of Electrical Equipment (Transformers/Motors/Generators)
EI-309 Basics Of Electrical Power System For Non Electrical Professionals
EI-310 Compressors Anti-Surge Controller
EI-311 Field Instrumentation Theory, Application And Troubleshooting
EI-312 PLC And SCADA For Automation And Process Control
EI-313 Electrical Equipment And Control Circuits
EI-314 Electrical System Protection
EI-315 AC Electrical Motors Drives For Industrial Applications
EI-317 Flow Foundation Fundamentals
EI-318 Instrument Calibration, Installation And Commissioning
EI-319 Plant Safety And Emergency Shutdown Systems
EI-320 Safety Integrity Systems (SIS)
EI-321 Compressor Control System
EI-322 Vibration Measurements And Monitoring Systems
EI-324 Basic Power Generation, Transmission And Distribution
EI-325 Electrical Maintenance On Lighting Systems
EI-326 Reading And Interpreting Of Electrical Diagrams
EI-327 Synchronous Machines Operation And Power Factor Improvement
EI-328 Three Phase AC Induction Motor And Control System
EI-329 Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits
EI-330 Power Smart Grid Technology
EI-331 Application Of Instrumentation Drawings In The Process Industry
EI-332 Automatic Tank Gauging System
EI-333 Cable Tray, Conduit, Trunking And Wiring Installation
EI-334 Basic Electrical Control Circuits
EI-335 Power System Analysis
EI-336 Fault Finding In Measurement And Control
EI-337 Centrifugal Gas Compressors Control And Operation
EI-338 Application Of Pneumatic Control Systems In Process Industry
EI-340 Measurement Signal Transmission
EI-341 Power Plant Electrification
EI-342 Power Plant Management
EI-343 Safety Instrumented System (SIS) And Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
EI-344 Electrical Equipment Fault Analysis And Application Of Protective Devices
EI-345 33/69kV Overhead Line Maintenance
EI-346 Valves Types, Calibration And Testing Procedures
EI-347 Sequential Control Systems

Chemical & Process Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
CPP-101 Basic Chemistry
CPP-102 Basic Understanding Of Petrochemicals
CPP-103 Catalyst Technology In Refinery And Process Industry
CPP-104 Chemical Engineering For Non Chemical Engineers
CPP-105 Crude Oil Storage, Marine Terminals Operations And Oil Movement Management
CPP-106 Crude Stabilization Operations
CPP-107 Distillation Columns: Design, Operation, Control And Troubleshooting
CPP-108 Fertilizers (Ammonia And Urea) Plants Process Technology
CPP-109 Fundamental Of Electrical Submersible Pumping systems (ESP) Operations
CPP-110 Fundamentals Of Fluid Dynamics In Process Application
CPP-111 Fundamentals Of Heat Transfer In Process Application
CPP-112 Fundamentals Of Petrochemicals Operations And Applications
CPP-113 Gas Conditioning And Processing
CPP-114 Gas Conditioning Technology
CPP-115 Gas Field Operations: Gas Processing, Hydrates, Dehydration, Sweetening, NGL Recovery, Fractionation, Sulphur Recovery And Handling
CPP-116 Gas Processing For LNG And LPG Plants
CPP-117 Gas Sweetening And Sulphur Recovery
CPP-118 Gasoline And Diesel Fuel Technology
CPP-119 Hydrocarbon Process Design And Modeling
CPP-120 Hydrocarbon Processing For Non-Chemical Engineers
CPP-121 Introduction To HYSYS Process Engineering
CPP-122 Introduction To Oil Movements And Storage (OM & S)
CPP-123 Introduction To Process Heaters
CPP-124 LNG Plants Process Technology
CPP-125 LNG: Storage, Loading, Unloading, Marine Operations, Measurement And Calculations
CPP-126 Measurement Of Variables (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level)
CPP-127 Modern Water Desalination Technologies (RO Desalination)
CPP-128 Multi Stage Flash Desalination (MSF): Operation, Maintenance, Heat Balance, Performance, Optimization, Start-up And Troubleshooting
CPP-129 Natural Gas Dehydration
CPP-130 NGL And LPG Plants Process Technology
CPP-131 Oil And Gas Processing For Non-Technical
CPP-132 Oil Field Chemicals: Function And Procedures
CPP-133 Oil Processing , Dehydration And Desalting
CPP-134 Operation And Routine Maintenance Of Gas And Liquid Chromatograph
CPP-135 Operations Troubleshooting For Process Engineers
CPP-136 Optimum Use Of Explosive
CPP-137 Overview Of Gas Processing
CPP-138 PE (Poly Ethylene) Operations And Process Troubleshooting
CPP-139 Petrochemical Plants Process Technology
CPP-140 Petroleum Engineering For Non-Petroleum Engineers
CPP-141 Physical And Chemical Properties Of Oil And gases
CPP-142 Plant Process And Operation
CPP-143 Polyethylene And Polypropylene Manufacturing And Process Troubleshooting
CPP-144 PP (Poly Propylene) Operations And Process Troubleshooting
CPP-145 Principles Of Polymer Science
CPP-146 Process Engineering Design Fundamentals
CPP-147 Process Furnace: Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-Up And Shutdown
CPP-148 Process Plant Optimization
CPP-149 Process Plant Performance And Efficiency
CPP-150 Process Plant Shutdown And Turnarounds
CPP-151 Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning And Troubleshooting
CPP-152 Process Plant Troubleshooting And Engineering Problem Solving
CPP-153 Process Reactors: Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-up And Shutdown
CPP-154 Process Troubleshooting, Problem Solving And Effective Decision Making
CPP-155 Process Troubleshooting For Operators and Technicians
CPP-156 Produced And Aquifer Water Treatment In Water Injection System
CPP-157 Progressing Cavity Pumps - PCP
CPP-158 PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Operations And Process Troubleshooting
CPP-159 Refinery Plants Process Technology
CPP-160 Risk Assessment Within Production Operations
CPP-161 Rules Of Thumb For Chemical And Process Engineers
CPP-162 Rules Of Thumb For Chemical Engineers
CPP-163 STP And RO Operation, Troubleshooting And Preventative Maintenance
CPP-164 Troubleshooting In Chemical Plants
CPP-165 Troubleshooting Refineries And Petrochemical Plants
CPP-166 Understanding Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Distillation
CPP-167 Waste Water Treatment
CPP-168 Waste Water Treatment In Gas, Refineries And Petrochemical Plants
CPP-169 Water Analysis In Petroleum Industry
CPP-170 Water Desalination Plant: Operations, Maintenance And Troubleshooting
CPP-171 Water Desalination Technologies
CPP-172 Water Injection Technology
CPP-173 Water Treatment For Plant Utilities
CPP-174 Analytical Troubleshooting In Process Machinery And Pressure Vessels
CPP-175 Dual Effect MVC Troubleshooting
CPP-176 Flare And Pressure Relief Systems In Process Plant
CPP-177 Oil And Gas Separation Equipment
CPP-178 Natural Gas Dehydration And Hydrate Control
CPP-179 Acid Gas Removal Technology
CPP-180 Gas Plant Commissioning And Start-up
CPP-181 Gas Compression Fundamentals For Operation
CPP-182 Surface Production Operations
CPP-183 Gas Processing And Conditioning
CPP-184 Sulfur Recovery And Tail Gas Treatment Technology
CPP-185 Process Control Of Facilities
CPP-186 Gas Production Course For Operators
CPP-187 Process Modeling Using Unisim Design
CPP-188 NGL Recovery Advanced Course
CPP-189 Fundamentals Of Oil And Gas Industry
CPP-190 Fundamentals Of Oil Refinery
CPP-191 Boilers And Thermal Fluid Heaters
CPP-192 Process Troubleshooting Workshop Case Studies And Solutions
CPP-193 Fired Process Heaters
CPP-194 Catalyst Selection And Production Optimization
CPP-195 Molecular Sieves Dryer-Adsorption

Maintenance Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
M-101 Advanced Maintenance Management
M-102 Applied Maintenance Management
M-103 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
M-104 Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
M-105 Cost Effective Maintenance Management
M-106 Maintenance And Reliability Management
M-107 Maintenance Management
M-108 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling And Work Control
M-109 Maintenance Supervision
M-110 Management And Planning Production Operations
M-111 Modern Maintenance Technologies
M-112 Planning For Maintenance (Mechanical, Electrical And Civil)
M-113 Practical Plant Shutdown And Turnaround Planning And Management
M-114 Preventive And Predictive Maintenance
M-115 Preventive Maintenance (Mechanical, Electrical And Civil)
M-116 Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
M-117 Total Plant Maintenance
M-118 Total Productive Maintenance
M-119 Global Maintenance (Maintenance Management Skills And Techniques)
M-120 Engineering Maintenance Management
M-121 Advanced Predictive Maintenance
M-122 Maintenance Techniques (Preventive, Predictive, And Cost Effective Operation Management)
M-123 Maintenance Excellence: Optimizing Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions
M-124 Risk And Decision Analysis In Maintenance Optimization
M-125 An Introduction To Predictive Maintenance
M-126 Optimizing Equipment Maintenance And Replacement Decisions
M-127 Reliability, Maintainability And Risk
M-128 Advanced Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
M-129 Condition Monitoring Techniques
M-130 Fundamentals Of Mechanical Maintenance System
M-131 Advanced Preventive And Predictive Maintenance

Laboratory & Analyzers Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
LA-101 Advanced Gas Chromatography Techniques And Troubleshooting
LA-102 Analytical Chemistry And Process Analyzers
LA-103 Analytical Instrumentation For Laboratory
LA-104 Basic Chemistry For Laboratory Technicians And Analyst
LA-105 Chemical Laboratory: Operations, Equipment, Instruments, Quality And Safety
LA-106 Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS): Technology, Problem Solving And Latest Practice
LA-107 Effective Management Of The Chemical Analysis Support
LA-108 Fundamentals Of Analytical Chemistry
LA-109 Gas Chromatography: Fundamentals, Troubleshooting And Method Development
LA-110 GC Troubleshooting And User Maintenance GAS Chromatography
LA-111 General Analytical Chemistry
LA-112 Good Laboratory Practice
LA-113 High Performance Liquid Chromatography
LA-114 Industrial Analytical Chemistry
LA-115 Laboratory Environmental Analysis: Air, Soils And Water
LA-116 Laboratory Equipment, Instruments And Safety
LA-117 Laboratory Instrument Calibration
LA-118 Laboratory Safety And Health
LA-119 Modern Laboratory Management
LA-120 Moisture Analyzer
LA-121 Online Analyzers Application And Troubleshooting
LA-122 Practical Problem Solving In Chemical Analysis
LA-123 Process Analyzer Techniques - Online And Offline (Lab Equipment Overview And Maintenance)
LA-124 Samples Preparation
LA-125 Set Up And Run Experiments
LA-126 Solid Phase Extraction Technology And Techniques In The Analytical Laboratory
LA-127 Spectroscopic Methods In Analytical Chemistry
LA-128 Statistical Analysis Of Lab Data
LA-129 Microbiology And Chemical Application Techniques
LA-130 Laboratory Equipment And Analysis Performing In Oil Fields Labs

Marine & Offshore Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
MO-101 Jetty Operations And Safety For Chemical Tankers
MO-102 Jetty Operations And Safety For Oil And Gas Tankers
MO-103 ISGOTT Ship Shore
MO-104 Liquefaction Gas Tankers And Jetty Operations
MO-105 Oil And Gas Tankers Loading
MO-106 Oil And Gas Terminals: Operations And Management
MO-107 Safety Management Of Marine Terminal And Oil And Gas Tankers
MO-108 Petrochemical Marine Terminal And Operations
MO-109 Tanker Fleet Ownership, Chartering And Operation
MO-110 Search And Rescue (SAR)
MO-111 Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)
MO-112 Navigation Aids On Board Modern Fleet
MO-113 HAZMAT – International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG Code)
MO-114 International Safety Management (ISM Code)
MO-115 Mooring and Anchoring
MO-116 Personal Safety On Board (PPE)
MO-117 Port State Control And Vetting Inspections
MO-118 Maritime Fire Fighting Equipment And Life Saving Appliances
MO-119 Wires And Ropes (Maintenance And Inspection)
MO-120 Tanker Feminization
MO-121 Tanker Safety
MO-122 Tanker Technology
MO-123 Tanker Chartering
MO-124 Ship To Ship Petroleum Transfer
MO-125 Tug and Tow
MO-126 Bridge Recourse Management (BRM)
MO-127 Principle Of Navigation
MO-128 Ballast Water Management (BWM)
MO-129 Automatic Identification System (AIS)
MO-130 Voyage Data Recorder (VDR And SVDR)
MO-131 Principle Of Environmental Protection and Safe Navigation
MO-132 Risk Management
MO-133 Accident Investigations
MO-134 Lashing And Securing Of Cargo
MO-135 The International Regulations For Preventing Collisions At Sea (COLREGs) And Maritime Buoyage System (IALA)
MO-136 Ship Design, Construction And Operation
MO-137 Crisis Management And Human Behavior
MO-138 Ship Security Officer On Board
MO-139 Rating Forming Part Of A Navigational Watch
MO-140 Rating Forming Part Of An Engineering Watch
MO-141 Electronic Chart Display And Information System (ECDIS)
MO-142 Prevention Of Pollution At Sea (Including SOPEP)
MO-143 Draft Survey
MO-144 Deadweight Survey
MO-145 Ullage Survey – Slurry ORE Cargo
MO-146 Ullage Survey – Oil Cargoes
MO-147 Bunker Survey
MO-148 Gas Survey
MO-149 Port Security Officer
MO-150 Company Security Officer (CSO)

Geology, Drilling & Reservoirs Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
GDR-101 Applied Reservoir Management
GDR-102 Artificial Lift Technology Principles
GDR-103 Basic Gas Separation And Crude Oil Treatment
GDR-104 Basic Principles In Petroleum Geology
GDR-105 Beam Pumping Operations
GDR-106 Blowout Prevention (BOP) And Well Control
GDR-107 Directional, Horizontal And Multilateral Drilling
GDR-108 Drilling And Drilling Fluids
GDR-109 Drilling Calculations
GDR-110 Drilling Waste Management
GDR-111 Gas Lift
GDR-112 Horizontal And Multilateral Wells Design And Analysis
GDR-113 Integrated Production Modeling - PROSPER, GAP And MBAL
GDR-114 Integration Of Rocks, Log And Test Data
GDR-115 Mapping Subsurface Structures
GDR-116 Oil Well Drilling Technology
GDR-118 Optimized HPHT “High Pressure High Temperature” Drilling Solutions
GDR-119 Permit To Work For Drilling
GDR-120 Production Logging And Reservoir Monitoring
GDR-121 PVT Analysis
GDR-122 Reservoir Engineering - Basic
GDR-123 Rock Physics For Reservoir Characterization And Recovery Monitoring
GDR-124 Safety In Drilling Engineering
GDR-125 Upstream In Oil And Gas Industry
GDR-126 Well Completion And Basic Well Intervention
GDR-127 Wireline Operations And Fundamentals
GDR-128 Basic Drill String Design
GDR-129 Cementing Practices
GDR-130 Stuck Pipe Prevention
GDR-131 Carbonate Reservoirs
GDR-132 Drilling Engineering For Non Drilling Engineers
GDR-133 Introduction To Drilling Technology
GDR-134 Rig Mathematics And Drilling Calculations
GDR-135 Well Completion Methods And Workover Operations
GDR-136 Casing and Cementing
GDR-137 Drilling Optimization And Well Planning
GDR-138 Well Stimulation Methods Acidizing And Hydraulic Fracturing
GDR-139 Under-Balanced Drilling Technology
GDR-140 Formation Damage Causes, Prevention And Treatment
GDR-141 Stuck Pipe And Fishing Operations
GDR-142 Rock Mechanics, Borehole Stability And Advanced Drilling Practices
GDR-143 Advanced Extended Reach Drilling (ERD)
GDR-144 Enhanced Oil Recovery
GDR-145 Applied Sequence Stratigraphy
GDR-146 Seismic Stratigraphy
GDR-147 Deepwater Reservoirs
GDR-148 Coastal Plain And Shallow Marine Reservoirs 
GDR-149 Petroleum Geology For Non-Geologists
GDR-150 Reservoir Characterization
GDR-151 Advanced Sequence Stratigraphy
GDR-152 Casing Design
GDR-153 Well Control And Production Management Systems
GDR-154 Well Intervention Operations
GDR-155 Well Control Operations
GDR-156 Surface Production Facilities
GDR-157 Production Operations
GDR-158 Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP)
GDR-159 Hydraulic Fracturing
GDR-160 Well Stimulation Operations
GDR-161 Production Problem Solving
GDR-162 Wellhead Control System
GDR-163 Production Engineering For Non-Production Engineers
GDR-164 Well Testing Operations And Analysis
GDR-165 Well Completion Basic
GDR-166 Well Completion Intermediate
GDR-167 Well Completion Advanced
GDR-168 Well Integrity Management System (WIMS)
GDR-169 CO2 Removal
GDR-170 Mercury Handling
GDR-171 Wellbore Treatment
GDR-172 Water Injection System
GDR-173 Coiled Tubing Operations
GDR-174 Heavy And Sand Oil Production
GDR-175 Sand Production Management
GDR-176 Water Drive Reservoir
GDR-177 Advanced Stimulation And Matrix Treatment Operations (ASME PCC-22)
GDR-178 Scaling Problems And Solutions
GDR-179 Introduction To Petrophysics
GDR-180 Advanced Petrophysics
GDR-181 Unconventional Hydrocarbons Asset Assessment
GDR-182 Fundamentals Of Well Logging
GDR-183 Open Hole Logging And Interpretations
GDR-184 Cased Hole And Production Log Evaluation
GDR-185 Formation Evaluation
GDR-186 Conventional Core Analysis
GDR-187 Special Core Analysis
GDR-188 Application of Geochemistry in Exploration
GDR-189 Advanced Seismic Interpretation
GDR-190 Data Acquisition
GDR-191 Petroleum Seismic Exploration
GDR-193 Integrated Reservoir Management
GDR-194 Reservoir Management And Monitoring
GDR-195 Gas Production Engineering
GDR-196 Petrophysics Of Unconventional Reservoirs
GDR-197 Reservoir Management For Unconventional Reservoir
GDR-198 Evaluation And Developing Shale Resources
GDR-199 Unconventional Resources Completion And Stimulation
GDR-200 Well Design And Engineering
GDR-201 Well Test Design And Analysis
GDR-202 Unconventional Resources (Basic Level)
GDR-203 Well Construction/ Drilling

Soft Skills, Leadership, Business & Human Capital Management
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
MLSS-101 21 Laws Of Leadership
MLSS-102 Advanced Communication And Problem Solving Skills
MLSS-103 Advanced Leadership Skills
MLSS-104 Advanced Leadership And Management For 21st Century
MLSS-105 Advanced Management And Leadership Skills For Supervisors
MLSS-106 Advanced Negotiation, Communication And Presentation Skills
MLSS-107 Advanced Negotiation Skills
MLSS-108 Advanced Office Management And Effective Administration Skills
MLSS-109 Advanced Supervisory Skills
MLSS-110 Advanced Technical Report Writing
MLSS-111 Advanced Presentation Skills
MLSS-112 Balanced Scorecard Skills
MLSS-113 Balancing Skills For Leadership And Management
MLSS-114 Basic Of Human Resources Management Skills
MLSS-115 Basic Technical Report Writing
MLSS-116 Best Practices For Training Coordinators
MLSS-117 Best Practices In Performance Management
MLSS-118 Building High Performance Teams
MLSS-119 Business Communication
MLSS-120 Business Driven Human Resource Development
MLSS-121 Business Report Writing Skills
MLSS-122 Career Development And Succession Planning
MLSS-123 Career Development Planning
MLSS-124 Change Management
MLSS-125 Coaching And Mentoring
MLSS-126 Coaching, Appraising, Controlling And Motivation
MLSS-127 Coaching For High Performance
MLSS-128 Communication And Dealing With Others
MLSS-129 Communication, Negotiation And Presentation Skills
MLSS-130 Competency Assessment And Profiling
MLSS-131 Competency Based Human Resources Management
MLSS-132 Competency Based Performance Management
MLSS-133 Competency Based Recruitment And Selection
MLSS-134 Competency Profiling
MLSS-135 Conducting The Perfect Performance Appraisal
MLSS-136 Create A Dynamic Team
MLSS-137 Creative Thinking For Continuous Improvement
MLSS-138 Creative Problem Solving And Decision Making
MLSS-139 Conflict Management For Managers
MLSS-140 Conflict Management Skills
MLSS-141 Developing Managerial And Supervisory Skills
MLSS-142 Developing Training Officers
MLSS-143 Developing Your Personal Influence And Impact
MLSS-144 Discover Your Unlimited Potential
MLSS-145 Effective Business Communication And Presentation Skills
MLSS-146 Executive Coaching For Top Management
MLSS-147 Effective Communication Skills
MLSS-148 Effective Negotiation Skills
MLSS-149 Effective Office Supervision
MLSS-150 Effective Organizational Behavior
MLSS-151 Effective Planning Skills
MLSS-152 Effective Supervisory Skills
MLSS-153 Effective Time And Stress Management
MLSS-154 Effective Time Management And Communication
MLSS-155 Effective Writing Skills And Business Communication
MLSS-156 Emotional Intelligence
MLSS-157 Enhanced Productivity Skills
MLSS-158 Essential Managerial Skills
MLSS-159 Executive Secretary And Office Management
MLSS-160 Facilitation Skills
MLSS-161 Fast Reading Techniques
MLSS-162 Firm KPI`s (Key Performance Indicators) For Manager
MLSS-163 Focusing And Achieving Your Highest Priorities
MLSS-164 Four Roles Of Leaders
MLSS-165 HR For Non HR
MLSS-166 HR Strategic Planning
MLSS-167 Improving Employee Performance: Correcting, Coaching And Counseling
MLSS-168 Improving Office Productivity And Time Management
MLSS-169 Improving Organizational Productivity “The Productive Manager”
MLSS-170 Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness
MLSS-171 Influence Skills
MLSS-172 Innovative And Creative Thinking
MLSS-173 Interpersonal Skills
MLSS-174 Interviewing Skills
MLSS-175 Interviewing Skills And Assessment Of Human Traits
MLSS-176 Job Monitoring And KPIs
MLSS-177 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
MLSS-178 Key Result Areas, Performance Appraisal System And HRM
MLSS-179 Latest HR Professional Techniques
MLSS-180 Leadership And Management In Times Of Pressure, Stress And Crisis
MLSS-181 Leadership, Communication And Interpersonal Skills
MLSS-182 Leadership, Critical Thinking And Innovation
MLSS-183 Leadership Development
MLSS-184 Leadership, Management And Delegation Skills
MLSS-185 Leadership And Management Skills In 21st Century
MLSS-186 Leadership, Productivity And Organizational Behavior
MLSS-187 Leadership Skills For Managers
MLSS-188 Leadership Skills For Supervisors
MLSS-189 Management Skills And Techniques For Engineers
MLSS-190 Managing And Coordinating Training Proactively
MLSS-191 Managing Conflict And Handling Difficult People
MLSS-192 Managing Conflict: Power Thru Influence
MLSS-193 Managing Difficult People
MLSS-194 Managing Employee Performance
MLSS-195 Managing, Motivating And Leading Teams
MLSS-196 Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities And Deadlines
MLSS-197 Managing People For Greater Productivity
MLSS-198 Manpower Organization And Succession Planning
MLSS-199 Manpower Organization Planning
MLSS-200 Maximizing Benefits Delivered Through Change
MLSS-201 Maximizing Leadership Potential
MLSS-202 Motivating, Coaching, Counseling And Mentoring
MLSS-203 Negotiation And Conflict Resolution
MLSS-204 Negotiation Skills And Dispute Resolution
MLSS-205 Organization And Manpower Management
MLSS-206 Organizational Development To Meet Changing Needs
MLSS-207 Performance Management, Appraisal And Development
MLSS-208 Personality At Work
MLSS-209 Planning And Managing Effective Meetings
MLSS-210 Planning, Organizing And Problem Solving Skills
MLSS-211 Planning, Scheduling And Time Management
MLSS-212 Preparing and Developing Training Specialists
MLSS-213 Present Like a Pro!
MLSS-214 Recruitment And Development Planning
MLSS-215 Recruitment And Selection
MLSS-216 Results Based Leadership
MLSS-217 Self And Time Management
MLSS-218 Self Development
MLSS-219 Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People
MLSS-220 Strategy And Strategic Planning
MLSS-221 Stress And Time Management For Enhanced Productivity
MLSS-222 Situation Management
MLSS-223 Strategic Thinking And Business Planning
MLSS-224 Successful Interviewing For Recruitment And Selection
MLSS-225 Successful Training Manager
MLSS-226 Talent And Career Management For Key Succession Plans
MLSS-227 Team Building Workshop
MLSS-228 The Middle Manager Development
MLSS-229 Train The Trainer
MLSS-230 Training Evaluation And Measuring ROI (Return On Investment) On Training
MLSS-231 Training Needs Analysis And Managing Implementation
MLSS-232 Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
MLSS-233 Turning Stress Into High Productivity
MLSS-234 Writing HR Policies, Procedures And Conducting Staff Performance Appraisal
MLSS-235 Training Coordinators’ Workshop
MLSS-236 Mini MBA
MLSS-237 Achieving Operational Excellence
MLSS-238 Management Engineering
MLSS-239 Enthusiastic Performance
MLSS-240 Achieving Ambition At Work
MLSS-241 Commit Yourself To Tasks And Goals
MLSS-242 Competency Based Development And Management Assurance
MLSS-243 Essential Skills For The HR Professionals
MLSS-244 Entrepreneurship Masterclass
MLSS-245 Creativity And Innovative Thinking Masterclass
MLSS-246 Self And Time Management For Enhanced Productivity
MLSS-247 Mastering Leadership Skills For Managers And Supervisors
MLSS-248 Comprehensive Course For Managers
MLSS-249 International Business Etiquette And Protocol
MLSS-250 Feasibility Studies Preparation, Analysis And Evaluation
MLSS-251 Documents And Records Management Compliance
MLSS-252 Customer Service Compliance And Excellence
MLSS-253 Effective Management Skills - Shape Your Future
MLSS-254 The Comprehensive Guide Of Leadership Skills
MLSS-255 Public Speaking And Presentation Skills Masterclass
MLSS-256 Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)
MLSS-257 Sustainability Principles

Project, Contract & Procurement Management
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
PCM-101 Advanced Contracts And Project Management
PCM-102 Contract Management And Negotiation
PCM-103 Negotiation, Managing And Administration Framework Contracts
PCM-104 PMP Exam Preparation Course
PCM-105 Project Management: Planning And Execution
PCM-106 Project Procurement And Contract Management
PCM-107 Project Planning And Scheduling
PCM-108 Contracts Law Of Business
PCM-109 Strategic Sourcing
PCM-110 Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance And Contract Compliance
PCM-111 Leading And Managing Vendor Relations
PCM-112 Managing Tenders, Specifications And Contracts
PCM-113 Purchasing Management Masterclass
PCM-114 Procurement Best Practices
PCM-115 Strategic Procurement And Purchasing
PCM-116 Mastering Contracts Management
PCM-117 Advanced Tendering Procedures And Bid Evaluation
PCM-118 Commercial And Business Contracts: A Practical Guide
PCM-119 Contract Risk Management And Compliance
PCM-120 Contract Drafting
PCM-121 Contract Administration Fundamentals
PCM-122 Contract Claims Assessment And Management
PCM-123 Contracting Structures And Project Delivery
PCM-124 Negotiating With Contractors
PCM-125 Dispute Resolution In Contracts
PCM-126 Effective Purchasing, Tendering And Supplier Selection
PCM-127 E-Procurement Strategies For Success
PCM-128 Suppliers Relationships Management (SRM)
PCM-129 Advanced Negotiation Skills In Procurement
PCM-130 Procurement Risk Management
PCM-131 Effective Leadership In Purchasing
PCM-132 Advanced Purchasing Skills
PCM-133 SAP Applications In Procurement Management
PCM-134 Fundamentals Of Project Management
PCM-135 Project Leadership, Management And Communication
PCM-136 Understanding And Fast-Tracking Project Approvals
PCM-137 Project Risk Management And Compliance
PCM-138 Project Management Essentials
PCM-139 Project Monitoring, Evaluation And Control
PCM-140 Earned Value Management

Finance & Accounting
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
FA-101 Accounting And Financial Analysis
FA-102 Accounting For Non Accountant
FA-103 Advanced Financial Modeling
FA-104 Advanced Strategy In Financial Auditing
FA-105 Budgeting And Cost Control
FA-106 Budgeting As A Tool For Decision Making
FA-107 Budgeting Principals For Managers
FA-108 Business Management Ratios - How To Judge The Success Of A Company
FA-109 Cash Flow Analysis
FA-110 Cash Flow And Risk Management
FA-111 Corporate Treasury Management
FA-112 Cost Management - CM
FA-113 Effective Budgeting And Financial Management
FA-114 Efficient Finance And Accounting Operations
FA-115 Finance And Cash Flow Management
FA-116 Finance For Executives
FA-117 The Comprehensive Finance Course For Non Finance Professionals
FA-118 Financial Analysis And Evaluation For Business Planning And Decision Making
FA-119 General Finance And Accounting Skills
FA-120 Internal Financial Reporting Standards With Emphasis On Recent Practices And Updates
FA-121 Principles Of Accounting
FA-122 Financial Accounting And Reporting
FA-123 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
FA-124 Effective Financial Controller
FA-125 Basics Of Finance And Accounting
FA-126 Accounts Payable

Logistics, Inventory, Transportation & Supply Chain Management
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
WIP-101 Advanced Logistics And Supply Chain Management
WIP-103 Effective Inventory Planning And Stock Control
WIP-104 Effective Warehouse Operation And Inventory Management
WIP-105 Export Documentation And Bill Of Lading
WIP-106 Integrated Purchasing, Logistics, Materials And Supply Chain Management
WIP-107 Inventory And Materials Management
WIP-108 Inventory Management Techniques
WIP-109 Inventory, Purchasing And Stores Management
WIP-110 Managing Supply Chain For Risk And Competitive Advantage
WIP-111 Material Requirement Planning / Management
WIP-112 Operations Management
WIP-113 Shipping Document Controller
WIP-114 Stores, Warehousing And Distribution Management
WIP-117 Supply Chain Management
WIP-118 Transport Management
WIP-119 Warehouse Management
WIP-120 Warehouse, Store And Stock Control Management
WIP-121 Warehouse Operation, Spares And Inventory Management
WIP-122 Warehouse Operation, Spares, Inventory Management, Export And Import Logistics
WIP-127 Logistics And Supply Chain Management
WIP-128 Effective Storekeeping Skills
WIP-130 Materials And Supply Chain Management
WIP-131 Logistics Management And Planning
WIP-132 Advanced Logistics Management
WIP-133 Integrating Logistics, Purchasing And Inventory With Suppliers
WIP-134 Fundamental Of Shipping Logistics
WIP-135 Shipping And Port Management
WIP-136 Container Terminal Management
WIP-137 Documentary Credit Role In Foreign Trade According To UCP 600 And Incoterms
WIP-138 Customs Law And Regulation And Custom Clearance Formalities
WIP-139 Import And Export Management, Documentation And Procedures
WIP-140 Handling Cargo And Shipping Document
WIP-141 Logistics And Transportation Techniques
WIP-142 Cargo Traffic Management
WIP-143 International Transportation Management
WIP-144 Containerization Concept And Importance Role In Foreign Trade
WIP-145 Managing Freight And International Transportation
WIP-146 Fleet And Transport Management And Planning
WIP-147 Transportation And Distribution Planning And Management
WIP-148 Multimodal Transportation
WIP-149 SAP Applications In Transport Management System
WIP-150 Warehouse And Store Operations Management
WIP-151 Advanced Warehouse Management
WIP-152 Materials Handling In The Modern Warehouses
WIP-153 Logistics And Warehouse Management
WIP-154 Lean Warehousing Operations
WIP-155 Warehouse And Distribution Center Layout
WIP-156 HSE Policies And Regulations In The Warehouses
WIP-157 SAP Applications In Warehouse Management
WIP-158 Forecasting Techniques
WIP-159 Materials Cataloguing, Specifications And Storage Planning
WIP-160 SAP Applications In Material Management
WIP-161 Strategic Planning Of Supply Chain Facilities
WIP-162 Supply Chain Management Technology
WIP-163 Advanced Supply Chain Management
WIP-164 Building The Lean Supply Chain Professional
WIP-165 Demand Driven Supply Chain Strategy
WIP-166 Production, Capacity And Demand Planning
WIP-167 Risk Management In Supply Chain

Quality & Auditing
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
QSS-101 5s Lean Manufacturing Japanese Techniques And Kaizen Training
QSS-102 Certified Lean Manager
QSS-103 Data Analysis Techniques
QSS-104 IQMS (Integrated Quality Management System) Familiarization
QSS-105 IRCA Registered Internal Auditor Course - ISO 9001
QSS-106 IRCA Registered Lead Auditor Course - ISO 14001 - 2004
QSS-107 IRCA Registered Lead Auditor Course - ISO 22000
QSS-108 IRCA Registered Lead Auditor Course - ISO 9001
QSS-109 IRCA Registered Lead Auditor Course - OHSAS 18001: 2007
QSS-110 Laboratory Quality Management (ISO 17025): SOP, Preparation, Documentation And Auditing
QSS-111 Maintain And Improve The Effectiveness Of Quality And Environmental Management Systems - Internal Auditing
QSS-112 Quality Awareness
QSS-113 Six Sigma Black Belt
QSS-114 Six Sigma Green Belt
QSS-115 Six Sigma Yellow Belt
QSS-116 SPC Analysis
QSS-117 Total Quality Management (TQM)
QSS-118 Fundamentals Of Six Sigma
QSS-119 Applied Statistics For Six Sigma
QSS-120 Fundamentals Of Lean Manufacturing

Health, Safety & Environment
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
HSE-101 Accident And Incident Investigation And Reporting
HSE-102 Accident Investigation And Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
HSE-103 Accident Prevention
HSE-104 Accident Reporting Requirements And Offences Recognition
HSE-105 Advanced H2S And Breathing Apparatus
HSE-106 Advanced Hazard Identification
HSE-107 Advanced Process Hazard Analysis Methods And Leadership (HAZOP, What-If, FMEA)
HSE-108 Advanced Risk Management
HSE-109 Advanced Safety Management
HSE-110 Air Pollution Control
HSE-111 Basic Hazard And Operability (HAZOP) Study
HSE-112 Basic Life Support (BLS) - CPR
HSE-113 Basic NEBOSH Training In Oil And Gas
HSE-114 Basics Of Hazards Recognition
HSE-115 Behavioral Safety Audit
HSE-116 Behavioral Safety Management
HSE-117 Chemical Hazard Communication
HSE-118 Chemical Safety Techniques
HSE-119 Classification Of Hazardous Areas
HSE-120 Compressed Gas Safety
HSE-121 Confined Space Entry
HSE-122 Construction Safety
HSE-123 Contractor HSEM Awareness
HSE-124 COSHH Training (Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health)
HSE-125 Crane And Forklift Safety
HSE-126 Crane Inspection And Operations
HSE-127 Defensive Driving
HSE-128 Effective Safety Organization
HSE-129 Electrical Safety
HSE-130 Emergency Management Integrated Contingency (ICP)
HSE-131 Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
HSE-132 Environmental Impact And Pollution Control In Oil And Gas Operations
HSE-133 Environmental Risk Assessment In Process Industry
HSE-134 Environmental Waste Management
HSE-135 Ergonomics At Work Place Causes And Prevention
HSE-136 Fall Protection
HSE-137 Fire Alarm Mock-Up Drill
HSE-138 Fire Fighter And Fire Rescue
HSE-139 Fire Fighting And Rescue In Process (Oil, Gas And Power Plant)
HSE-140 Fire Fighting And Emergency Response
HSE-141 Fire Truck Operation
HSE-142 General Safety
HSE-143 General Safety In Process Industry
HSE-144 HACCP Principles And Applications
HSE-145 Handling Hazardous Materials And Chemicals
HSE-146 Handling Hazardous Waste
HSE-147 Hazard Analysis And Risk Management
HSE-148 Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)
HSE-149 Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment And Risk Control Program
HSE-150 Hazard Of Ammonia Handling, Storage And Shipping
HSE-151 Hazardous Area Classification And Intrinsic Safety
HSE-152 Hazardous Material Handling And Safety
HSE-153 Hazardous Waste Management And Pollution Prevention
HSE-154 HAZMAT And HAZCOM: Hazardous Materials And Chemicals “Handling, Storage, Disposal, Monitoring And Response (MSDS)”
HSE-155 Hazmat Applications: Petroleum Products (LPG, LNG, CNG, Propane, Hydrogen, Gasoline, Diesel And MTBE)
HSE-156 Health And Safety Management
HSE-157 Health, Safety And Environment (HSE) Policy
HSE-158 Hearing Conservations
HSE-159 Heat Stress And Sun Stroke Causes And Prevention
HSE-160 High Voltage Electrical Safety
HSE-161 HSE Excellence Leadership For Supervisors
HSE-162 HSE Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
HSE-163 HSE Tools And Techniques
HSE-164 Impact Of Change Management On HS&E
HSE-165 Incident Controller
HSE-166 Industrial Fire Warden
HSE-167 Industrial Safety
HSE-168 Industrial Security Principles
HSE-169 Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
HSE-170 Lab Safety
HSE-171 Lifting And Rigging
HSE-172 Loss Prevention And Safe Working Procedures
HSE-173 Machine Guarding
HSE-174 Material Handling And Safety
HSE-175 Material Safety Data Sheet “MSDS”
HSE-176 Mechanical Integrity (MI)
HSE-177 Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
HSE-178 NEBOSH International Certification
HSE-179 New Hired Safety Orientation
HSE-180 Occupational Health And Working Environment
HSE-181 Occupational Health, Safety And Environment (HSE)
HSE-182 Office And Industrial Ergonomics
HSE-183 Off-The-Job Safety
HSE-184 Oil Spill Management And Response
HSE-185 OSHA 10-hour General Industry
HSE-186 OSHA 30-hour General Industry
HSE-187 OSHA Construction Safety And Health Standards
HSE-188 OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health Administration) Familiarization
HSE-189 OSHA General Industry Safety And Health Standards
HSE-190 Overview Of OSHA Regulations For Process Industry
HSE-191 Permit to Work System
HSE-192 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
HSE-193 Preventing Human Error
HSE-194 Principles Of Occupational Safety And Health
HSE-195 Problem Solving Techniques In Safety
HSE-196 Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
HSE-197 Process Safety Management (PSM)
HSE-198 PTW (Permit To Work System) Procedures
HSE-199 Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA)
HSE-200 Radiation Hazard
HSE-201 Rig Safety Hazards And Risk Assessment
HSE-202 Risk Assessment
HSE-203 Risk Assessment And Job Hazard Analysis
HSE-204 Safe Isolation Of Process Plant And Equipment (Lockout And Tag Out)
HSE-205 Safe Lifting And Materials Handling
HSE-206 Safe Scaffolding And High Rise Operations
HSE-207 Safety Construction Management
HSE-208 Safety Engineering And Risk Management
HSE-209 Safety For Managers
HSE-210 Safety In Chemical Laboratory
HSE-211 Safety In Industrial Plants
HSE-212 Safety Inspection And Audit
HSE-213 Safety Leadership
HSE-214 Safety Management And Loss Control
HSE-215 Safety Management And Safety Policies
HSE-216 Safety Management In Hazardous Locations
HSE-217 Safety Management Techniques
HSE-218 Safety Officer Qualification Program
HSE-219 Safety Process In Refinery
HSE-220 Safety Terms And Basics Of Incident Prevention
HSE-221 Scaffolding Inspection
HSE-222 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
HSE-223 Sewage And Industrial Waste Water Treatment Technologies And Environmental Protection
HSE-224 Standard First Aid
HSE-225 STOP (5x5)
HSE-226 Tools Safety
HSE-227 Working Safely In Hazardous Area
HSE-228 Workplace Safety
HSE-229 Management Of Change (MOC) And Pre Start-up Safety Review (PSSR)
HSE-230 Waste Water And Air Pollution Control
HSE-231 Industrial Hygiene
HSE-232 Hazard Identification Study (HAZID)
HSE-233 Corporate Environmental Management
HSE-234 Environmental Impact Assessments - EIA
HSE-235 Noise Generation, Effects, Control And Measurement
HSE-236 Hazardous Wastes Management: Handling, Storage, Disposal, Monitoring And Reporting
HSE-237 Electrical Safety Codes (ESC)
HSE-238 Gas Explosion Hazards
HSE-239 Industrial Waste Management
HSE-240 Risk Assessment And QRA Studies
HSE-241 Emergency Procedures And Response Actions
HSE-242 Environmental Management System (EMS)
HSE-243 Creating And Developing Safety Culture
HSE-244 Sustainability Reporting
HSE-245 Safety Excellence Symposium
HSE-246 Gas Detection And Monitoring

Inspection Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
I-101 Basic Corrosion Techniques And Monitoring
I-102 Basic Metallurgy
I-103 Protective Coating Inspection, Maintenance And Repair
I-104 Control Of Scale And Corrosion In Desalination (MSF)
I-105 Corrosion And Scale In Oil Field
I-106 Corrosion Engineering: Monitoring, Prevention And Control
I-107 Corrosion For Non Corrosion Engineers
I-108 Corrosion Fundamentals, Types, Causes, Analysis And Corrosion Failures
I-109 Corrosion, Metallurgy And Prevention Failures
I-110 Corrosion Inhibition: Technology, Applications, Selection, Monitoring, Performance And Troubleshooting
I-111 Corrosion In Petroleum Industries
I-112 Corrosion Management And Cathodic Protection
I-113 Corrosion Mitigation And Cathodic Protection Application In Oil Field
I-114 Engineering Aspects Of Welding
I-115 Fundamentals Of Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
I-116 Gas, Refinery And Petrochemical Industry Materials Corrosion
I-117 In Service Inspection Technology- Level I
I-118 In service Inspection Technology- Level II
I-119 Inspection Codes And Standard
I-120 International Welding Codes
I-121 Introduction To Welding Engineering, Fabrication And Inspection
I-122 Materials Selection And Failure Analysis
I-123 Materials Selection For Process Plants (Material And Corrosion Engineering)
I-124 Metallurgical Failure Analysis And Prevention
I-125 Metallurgy For The Non Metallurgist
I-126 Modern Cathodic Protection Systems: Design, Fabrication, Installation, Operation And Repair
I-127 Modern Welding Technology: Welding, Fabrication And Inspection (AWS, ASME And API Codes)
I-128 Painting, Coating And Thermal Installation
I-129 Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
I-130 Practical Welding Technology
I-131 Water Scale Corrosion
I-132 Welding, Cutting And Brazing
I-133 Welding Inspection Codes (ASME- AWS-API)
I-134 Welding Inspection Technology
I-135 Welding Qualification (ASME IX)
I-136 API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code
I-137 API 570 Piping Inspection Code
I-138 API 653 Tank Inspection Code
I-139 Inspection And Maintenance Of Subsea Pipelines And Offshore Structures
I-140 Pipeline Protection, Design, Construction, Installation, Operation And Maintenance
I-142 Overhead Cranes
I-143 Pipeline Integrity Management
I-144 Painting And Coating Applications In Oil Field
I-145 Offshore Pipeline Protection, Design And Construction
I-146 Material Failure Analysis Evaluation And Prevention
I-147 Welding For Non-Welding Engineers
I-148 Metallurgy For Non-Metallurgy Engineers
I-149 Construction And Fabrication Practices For Tanks And Pressure Vessels
I-150 Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing
I-151 Magnetic Particle Testing
I-152 Asset Integrity Management System
I-153 Asset Management
I-154 The Best Practices Of Pipeline Pigging Operations
I-155 Gas Pipeline Operations
I-156 Pipeline Engineering
I-157 Repair Of Pressure Equipment And Piping
I-158 Heat Treatment, Microstructure And Performance Of Carbon And Steels
I-159 Safety In Welding And Cutting Processes
I-160 Inspection Of Piping, Tanks, Vessels And Heat Exchangers
I-161 Destructive Tests (Tension Tests, Compression, Hardness, Impact…)
I-162 Types And Properties Of Materials
I-163 Introduction To Strength Of Materials
I-164 Metallography, Including Macro And Micro Examination, Weld Examination, Case Depth, Decarburization Measurement And Grain Size Measurement
I-165 Cross Country Pipeline
I-166 Pigging Foundation Course
I-167 Manufacturing Processes
I-168 Fracture Toughness
I-169 Advanced Course In Cathodic Protection Specification, Design, Commissioning, Testing And Monitoring
I-170 Cathodic Protection Of Underground Pipelines
I-171 Design And Operation Of Pipeline Cathodic Protection Systems Design, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Survey And Monitoring
I-172 Corrosion Control By Chemical Treatment
I-173 Corrosion Control By Materials Selection And Design
I-174 Corrosion, Metallurgy, Failure Analysis And Prevention
I-175 Marine Corrosion, Causes And Prevention
I-176 Offshore Corrosion And Assessment
I-177 Stainless Steels And Alloys: Why They Resist Corrosion And How They Fail
I-178 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Recognition, Mitigation And Prevention
I-179 Life Predication Of Corrodible Structures And Components
I-180 Corrosion Control And Prevention For Military Equipment And Systems
I-181 Concrete Corrosion Causes And Prevention
I-182 Advanced Course In Concrete Durability
I-183 Modern Techniques For Corrosion Testing And Monitoring In Concrete Structures
I-184 Corrosion In Automotive Systems
I-185 Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Detection, Mitigation And Prevention
I-186 API 571 Deterioration Mechanisms
I-187 API 579 Fitness For Service
I-188 Hot Tapping Welding Application, Inspection, Risk Assessment And Control

Oil & Gas Management
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
OGM-101 Basics Of Petroleum Economics
OGM-102 Fundamentals Of Crude Oil And Gas Marketing
OGM-103 Fundamentals Of International Petroleum Industry Joint Ventures And Alliances
OGM-104 LNG Business Overview
OGM-105 Management Strategies In The Oil And Petrochemical Industries
OGM-106 Oil And Gas Accounting
OGM-107 Oil And Gas Agreements
OGM-108 Oil And Gas Business Overview
OGM-109 Oil And Gas Change Management
OGM-110 Oil And Gas Economic Evaluation With Risk And Uncertainty
OGM-111 Oil Price Risk Management
OGM-112 Introduction To Oil Industry
OGM-113 Strategic Partnerships (Concession Lease, PSA, Joint Ventures, Service Contracts And Other Alliances)
OGM-114 Analysis And Modeling For Cost, Economics And Risk For Oil And Gas Projects
OGM-115 Advanced Cost Engineering And Risk Management
OGM-116 Cost Engineering And Risk Management
OGM-117 Risk And Earned Value Management
OGM-118 Oil And Gas Law (Other Title: Contracts, Law, And Risk In Oil And Gas)
OGM-119 Introduction To Oil And Gas Industry And Surface Facilities (O & M) Integrated Course

Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
CI-101 Cement Chemistry
CI-102 Cement Industry Overview
CI-103 Cement Milling
CI-104 Cement Quality Assurance
CI-105 Cement Raw Mills
CI-106 Geomining Course
CI-107 Grinding Technology And Efficiency
CI-108 Kiln Operation And Troubleshooting
CI-109 Modern Cement Marketing Techniques
CI-110 Process Control In Cement Industry
CI-111 Raw Materials For Cement Industry

Sales & Marketing
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
SM-101 Advanced Sales Management Skills
SM-102 Advanced Selling Skills
SM-103 Customer Care Skills
SM-104 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
SM-105 Customer Satisfaction Mindset And Measure
SM-106 Exceeding Customer Expectations
SM-107 Excellence In Customer Service
SM-108 Marketing Communications
SM-109 Marketing Strategy
SM-110 Marketing Trends
SM-111 Professional Selling Skills
SM-112 Retail Selling Skills
SM-113 Excellence In Sales Management
SM-114 Social Media Marketing
SM-115 The Strategic Marketing Plan
SM-116 Marketing Planning Essentials
SM-117 Go For Real Prospect
SM-118 Understand Prospects’ Needs
SM-119 Closing Deals
SM-120 Differentiate Based On Value
SM-121 Customer Experience Management
SM-122 Developing Customer Care Culture
SM-123 The Ten Days MBA In Marketing

General Engineering
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
GE-101 Engineering Design Codes And Standards And Data Sheets Review Of (Static/Rotating Equipment And Instrument)
GE-102 Reading Of Piping And Instrument Drawings
GE-103 Cost Engineering And Risk Management

Water & Waste Water Treatment Engineering Programs
Ref. # Course Title Outline Proposal
WE-101 Power Plant Water Chemistry
WE-102 Demineralized Water Production And Polishing

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