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Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Course Code Course Title Start Date End Date City Lang Price Live Online Price
EI-288 Specification, Installation, Operation And Maintenance Of Motors And Electric Drives 19-Jan-2020 23-Jan-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-140 Data Communication And Fieldbus Systems 19-Jan-2020 23-Jan-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-146 Distribution Automatic Voltage Regulators 26-Jan-2020 30-Jan-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-199 Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control Systems (Process Control And Instrumentation) 26-Jan-2020 30-Jan-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-264 Practical Grounding Of Utility, Bonding, Lightning, Surge Protection And Industrial Distribution Systems 02-Feb-2020 06-Feb-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-335 Power System Analysis 09-Feb-2020 13-Feb-2020 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-171 Electrical Protective Relays, Switches And Circuit Breakers 16-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-325 Electrical Maintenance On Lighting Systems 23-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-111 Advanced Power Transmission Technologies 01-Mar-2020 05-Mar-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-124 Boiler Control and Instrumentation 08-Mar-2020 12-Mar-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-196 HV Equipment Testing 15-Mar-2020 19-Mar-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-216 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers And Switchgears: Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Repair, Troubleshooting And Power Distribution 05-Apr-2020 09-Apr-2020 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-324 Basic Power Generation, Transmission And Distribution 12-Apr-2020 16-Apr-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-280 Relays Application 12-Apr-2020 16-Apr-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-285 Short Circuit And Fault Analysis Calculations In Distribution Power Systems 07-Jun-2020 11-Jun-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-303 Water Flow Measurement And Control Techniques 07-Jun-2020 11-Jun-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-309 Basics Of Electrical Power System For Non Electrical Professionals 14-Jun-2020 18-Jun-2020 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-162 Electrical Equipment And Control System 21-Jun-2020 25-Jun-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-135 Control Valves Actuators: Selection, Calculations, Sizing, Applications, Operation, Diagnostic Testing,Troubleshooting And Maintenance 05-Jul-2020 09-Jul-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-331 Application Of Instrumentation Drawings In The Process Industry 12-Jul-2020 16-Jul-2020 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-327 Synchronous Machines Operation And Power Factor Improvement 09-Aug-2020 13-Aug-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-183 Fundamentals Of Frequency Control, AGC And Economic Dispatch 23-Aug-2020 27-Aug-2020 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-259 Power System Protection In Utilities And Industrial Electrical Networks 06-Sep-2020 10-Sep-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-118 Applying Standard Instrumentation And Control Documentations 06-Sep-2020 10-Sep-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-319 Plant Safety And Emergency Shutdown Systems 13-Sep-2020 17-Sep-2020 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-295 Troubleshooting, Maintenance And Protection Of AC Electrical Motors And Drives 20-Sep-2020 24-Sep-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-202 Industrial Process Measurement 20-Sep-2020 24-Sep-2020 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-221 Electrical Motors: Operation, Maintenance, Protection And Troubleshooting 04-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-228 Modern Power Systems Protective Relaying 11-Oct-2020 15-Oct-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-312 PLC And SCADA For Automation And Process Control 11-Oct-2020 15-Oct-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-187 Gas Turbine Control System And Protection 18-Oct-2020 22-Oct-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-249 Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Steam Power Plant, Co-Generation And Combined Cycle Plants 01-Nov-2020 05-Nov-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-341 Power Plant Electrification 08-Nov-2020 12-Nov-2020 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-275 Process Instrumentation 08-Nov-2020 12-Nov-2020 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-246 Power Capacitors: Applications, Switching Problems, Protection And Maintenance 22-Nov-2020 26-Nov-2020 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-315 AC Electrical Motors Drives For Industrial Applications 06-Dec-2020 10-Dec-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-252 Power Plant Control And Instrumentation 13-Dec-2020 17-Dec-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-131 Condition Monitoring Of Power System Equipment 20-Dec-2020 24-Dec-2020 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-164 Electrical Installation And Maintenance 03-Jan-2021 07-Jan-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-267 Practical Power Systems Protection For Technicians 10-Jan-2021 14-Jan-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-261 Power System Stability And Dynamics 17-Jan-2021 21-Jan-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-137 Control Valve Sizing, Selection And Maintenance 17-Jan-2021 21-Jan-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-183 Fundamentals Of Frequency Control, AGC And Economic Dispatch 24-Jan-2021 28-Jan-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-342 Power Plant Management 07-Feb-2021 11-Feb-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-294 Transient Voltages Of Power Systems 14-Feb-2021 18-Feb-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-246 Power Capacitors: Applications, Switching Problems, Protection And Maintenance 21-Feb-2021 25-Feb-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-254 Power Plant Troubleshooting And Engineering Problem Solving 14-Mar-2021 18-Mar-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-217 LV Switchgears 21-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-209 Introduction To Boiler Control Systems: Meeting NFPA Standards 21-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-192 Generator Protection 16-May-2021 20-May-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-152 Earthing Of Utility And Industrial Distribution System 23-May-2021 27-May-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-116 Application Of Electrical Science To Power Generation, Transmission And Utilization 06-Jun-2021 10-Jun-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-160 Electrical Drawing And Interlocking Circuit 13-Jun-2021 17-Jun-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-273 Process Control Loop 13-Jun-2021 17-Jun-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-112 Advanced Process Control 04-Jul-2021 08-Jul-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-206 Instrumentation Installation in Hazardous Areas 25-Jul-2021 29-Jul-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-159 Electrical Distribution System Equipment Preventive Maintenance 22-Aug-2021 26-Aug-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-243 Performance Of Generators And Exciters 05-Sep-2021 09-Sep-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-347 Sequential Control Systems 05-Sep-2021 09-Sep-2021 Dubai,UAE English $3675 $919
EI-260 Power System Reliability 19-Sep-2021 23-Sep-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-297 Turbine And Compressor Controls 19-Sep-2021 23-Sep-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-255 Power System Grounding 03-Oct-2021 07-Oct-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-200 Industrial Motors And Control 03-Oct-2021 07-Oct-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-308 Basics Of Electrical Equipment (Transformers/Motors/Generators) 24-Oct-2021 28-Oct-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-336 Fault Finding In Measurement And Control 24-Oct-2021 28-Oct-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-329 Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits 07-Nov-2021 11-Nov-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-201 Industrial Process And Instrumentation Control 07-Nov-2021 11-Nov-2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $3675 $919
EI-291 Testing And Troubleshooting Of Electrical Machines 14-Nov-2021 18-Nov-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875
EI-194 High And Medium Voltage Substation Design, Testing And Maintenance 12-Dec-2021 16-Dec-2021 Jubail, KSA English $3500 $875
EI-207 Instrumentation Selection And Design 12-Dec-2021 16-Dec-2021 Kuwait English $3500 $875
EI-159 Electrical Distribution System Equipment Preventive Maintenance 26-Dec-2021 30-Dec-2021 Muscat,Oman English $3500 $875

Note: all courses inside UAE are inclusive of 5% VAT.

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