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Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Course Code Course Title Start Date End Date City Lang Price
EI-216 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers And Switchgears: Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Repair, Troubleshooting And Power Distribution 14-Jan-2024 18-Jan-2024 Doha,Qatar English $4500
EI-229 Motors And Variables Speed Drives: Selection, Sizing, Applications, Protection, Control, Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Operations 28-Jan-2024 01-Feb-2024 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $4500
EI-205 Instrumentation For Non Instrument Personnel 28-Jan-2024 01-Feb-2024 Doha,Qatar English $4500
EI-299 UPS System And Battery Chargers: Construction, Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting 04-Feb-2024 08-Feb-2024 Muscat,Oman English $4500
EI-182 Fundamentals Of Electrical Systems 25-Feb-2024 29-Feb-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-107 Advanced Generator Maintenance 28-Apr-2024 02-May-2024 Doha,Qatar English $4500
EI-293 Transformers: Selection, Applications, Operation, Troubleshooting And Maintenance 05-May-2024 09-May-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-106 Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting, Repairs And Isolations Techniques 05-May-2024 09-May-2024 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $4500
EI-178 Flow Measurement Techniques 12-May-2024 16-May-2024 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $4500
EI-160 Electrical Drawing And Interlocking Circuit 19-May-2024 23-May-2024 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $4500
EI-221 Electrical Motors: Operation, Maintenance, Protection And Troubleshooting 14-Jul-2024 18-Jul-2024 Muscat,Oman English $4500
EI-133 Control Valves, Actuators And Positioners 28-Jul-2024 01-Aug-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-249 Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Steam Power Plant, Co-Generation And Combined Cycle Plants 18-Aug-2024 22-Aug-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-208 Instrumentation Systems Maintenance And Troubleshooting 18-Aug-2024 22-Aug-2024 Muscat,Oman English $4500
EI-280 Protective Relays Applications And Principles 08-Sep-2024 12-Sep-2024 Doha,Qatar English $4500
EI-121 Basic Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineers 22-Sep-2024 26-Sep-2024 Muscat,Oman English $4500
EI-177 Fire And Gas System; Detectors And Guard Safety Controller 06-Oct-2024 10-Oct-2024 Doha,Qatar English $4500
EI-265 Practical High Voltage Cable Jointing And Termination 20-Oct-2024 24-Oct-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-318 Instrument Calibration, Installation And Commissioning 20-Oct-2024 24-Oct-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-191 Generators: Operations, Maintenance, Control, Testing And Troubleshooting 15-Dec-2024 19-Dec-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-202 Industrial Process Measurement 22-Dec-2024 26-Dec-2024 Dubai,UAE English $4500
EI-326 Reading And Interpreting Of Electrical Diagrams 22-Dec-2024 26-Dec-2024 Abu Dhabi, UAE English $4500

Note:Please note that 5% VAT will be added to all courses inside UAE, if applicable.

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